Morihiro Harano
Creative Director / Founder
Mori Inc.

is a multi-talented creative director with stellar achievements not only in advertising but also in new business development, strategy, product design and media initiatives. Joining Dentsu in 1994, Harano was committed to helping the agency’s digital subsidiaries with their digital initiatives. After leaving Dentsu, Harano helped a media startup to conclude a successful IPO, following which, he returned to Dentsu to launch Drill, a non-traditional creative agency. In 2011, he co-founded PARTY and led it to win the Independent Agency of the Year at Spikes Asia 2012. Soon after, in 2012, he founded Mori Inc., which is selected as ‘The World's Leading Independent Agencies 2014’ by Campaign UK.
His works include, among others, ‘OK Go: I Won't Let You Down’, ‘NTTDocomo: Xylophone’, ‘Honda. Great Journey.’, ‘Pola Dots’ and ‘Menicon: Magic’. Harano is a consistent award winner at home and abroad and has received to date a multitude of awards such as TED: Ads Worth Spreading, MTV Video Music Awards, D&AD Yellow Pencil, Cannes Gold Lions, One Show Gold Pencils and the Grands Prix at Spikes Asia and AdFest.
He has also served as a judge and a jury president for numerous awards including D&AD (2013: the foreman for Mobile), One Show (2017: Cross Platform), Cannes Lions (2020-21: Film / 2013: Innovation / 2012: T&I / 2009: Design), Andy Awards (2016 and 2014) and Spikes Asia (2012: the jury president for Digital/Mobile).
原野 守弘(はらの もりひろ)
株式会社 もり
代表 / クリエイティブディレクター

「OK Go: I Won't Let You Down」「NTT Docomo: 森の木琴」「Honda. Great Journey.」「Polaリクルートフォーラム」「日本は、義理チョコをやめよう。Godiva」などを手がける。TED: Ads Worth Spreading、MTV Video Music Awards、D&AD Yellow Pencil、カンヌ国際広告祭 金賞、One Show 金賞、Spikes Asia グランプリ、AdFest グランプリ、ACC グランプリ、TCC 金賞、ADC 金賞、広告電通賞 最優秀賞、グッドデザイン賞 金賞、Penクリエイターアワード2017など、内外で受賞多数。
D&AD会員、NY ADC会員。2020-21年 カンヌ国際広告祭 フィルム部門 審査員、2017年 One Show Cross Platform部門 審査員、2016年/2014年 Andy Awards 審査員、2013年 D&AD 審査委員長、カンヌ国際広告祭 Innovation部門 審査員、2012年 カンヌ国際広告祭 T&I部門 審査員、Spikes Asia 審査委員長、グッドデザイン賞 審査員。大阪芸術大学 教授。英国・Campaign誌の「The World's Leading Independent Agencies 2014」にも選出された。

NTT Docomo: Xylophone 森の木琴

Creative Direction / Art Direction

Bach's Cantata 147, ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ played on a gigantic 44m xylophone made with surplus wood of trees. A promotional movie for "Touch Wood SH-08C", a mobile phone also made out of surplus wood. The film was selected as the Ad Ages's "The Best 10 TVCs 2011", "TED: Ads Worth Spreading 2012", and became one of the most watched Japanese TV commercials on YouTube.
間伐材でできた44mの巨大な木琴が、バッハのカンタータ 第147番「主よ、人の望みの喜びよ。」を奏でます。間伐材で作ったケータイ「TOUCH WOOD SH-08C」のためのプロモーション映像。米国・AdAge誌の「The Best 10 TVCs 2011」や「TED: Ads Worth Spreading 2012」に選出されたほか、“米国のクリエイティブディレクターが最も嫉妬する作品”の第一位にも選ばれるなど、日本を代表するテレビコマーシャルの一つ。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Jun Nishida
Copywriter: Noriko Yamada
Sound Designer: Kenjiro Matsuo
Director: Seiichi Hishikawa
Wood Engineer: Mitsuo Tsuda
Cinematographer: Eitaro Yamamoto
Editor: Hitoshi Kimura, Ryosei Suzuki
Producers: Toshifumi Oiso, Hideyuki Chihara
Agency Producer: Ayako Yoshinoya
Agency: Drill + Dentsu
Client: NTTDocomo

Special thanks to Kama City

OK Go: “I Won’t Let You Down”

Creative Direction

We created a music video for OK Go's "I Won't Let You Down" in collaboration with Honda. Please watch the interview video for further information.
OK Goの "I Won't Let You Down" のミュージックビデオをつくりました。OK GoとHondaのコラボレーションです。詳しくは、インタビュー映像をご覧ください。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Jun Nishida
Director: Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash, Jr.
Choreographer: furitsukekagyou air:man

Cameraman: Makoto Okuguchi
Lighting: Akiyoshi Irio
GRIP: Takashi Taniguchi
DIT: Taito Oyama
Multi-Copter Pilot: Kenji Yasuda
Stylist: Kazuki Yunoki
Hair Make: Asuka Fujio
Sound Operator: Isao Yoshida
Location Coordinator: Kyohei Kitamura
Online Editor: Shunsuke Kakuuchi, Takashi Tanaka
Colorist: Shigeyuki Toriumi
Translator: Aiko Ishikawa, Ryuzo Tsutsui, Sumire Matsumura

UNI-CUB: Kazuyuki Iwata, Hirokazu Hara, Shinichiro Kobashi, Makoto Hasegawa
Mass Games Design + Previsualization: Daisuke Sasaki, David Robert, Munechika Inudo, Yoshifumi Sadahara, Gilles Brossard
Interactive: Ryo Tsukiji, Kousei Motoyoshi, Nobuaki Arikata, Kenshiro Nakashima, Junichi Arakawa, Masanobu Ishii, Yusuke Kitani
Making-of: Makoto Kubota

Assistant-director: Hideaki Jinbo
Production Manager: Satoshi Miyata
Agency Producer: Shiro Miyamoto, Naoyuki Masuda, Misato Tachibana
Producer: Mitsuru Yamamori

Cast: OK Go
Cameo: Perfume
Special thanks to: the school girl dancers and Honda

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.

Honda. Great Journey.

Concept / Creative Direction

Human beings are instinctively mobile. We can trace our roots to the continent of Africa, where, millions of years ago, our ancestors began what archaeologist Brian M. Fagan calls "The Great Journey." It was a migration north into Europe, across Asia, and on to North and South America. A journey of over 50,000 kilometers. No other creature on Earth has traveled so far, or adapted itself to the terrain so widely. The goal of our Great Journey project is to reimagine this journey, and propose how it could be made today using the latest technologies for human mobility. It was conceived as a journey of adventure that would also allow us to develop prototype vehicles for comfortable travel virtually anywhere on the planet. Vehicles that offer a superb view of the passing scenery, and that can drive autonomously day and night, providing not only transport, but also shelter, a place to sleep, even a hot bath and space for a family pet. With their expanded mobility and functionality, these vehicles are designed to enable us to follow our natural instincts and curiosity, exploring and rediscovering the ancient romance of travel in complete and total comfort.
Concept and Creative Direction: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Copywriters: Haruko Tsutsui, Scott Lehman

Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana
Production Manager​: ​Kanae Harada
Producer: Yuta Harasawa

1) Vehicles Design
Design Director: Jon Marshall
Vehicle Conception and Design: Scott Barwick, Will Howe, Jacky Chung, Paul Wolfson, Satoshi Isono, Sasha Leong
Vehicle Model-making: Ogle Models

2) Vehicles Film
Film Director: Petr Krejčí
Film Creative Producer: Shelley Lee Davies
Editor: Nico Argast
Sound Recordist + Mixer + Engineer: Martin Merely
Stop Frame Animation: Chris Ullens, Alistair Concur
Set Build: Finn Magee, Charlie Humble-Thomas, Freddie Simmonds, Matteo Fogale, Laetitia de Allegri, Rami Santala

3) Web
Web Designers: Yusuke Kitani, Komei Sato, Atsushi Hashimoto

4) Book and Posters
Graphic Designers: Daisuke Hatakeyama, Taiji Kimura, Anna Saito, Naomi Okamura, Satoshi Kohno
Production copywriter: Takanori Ikemoto
Printing Director: Shinya Tamura

5) Event Movie
Directors: Masato Goto, Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Music:​ Satoshi Yoshitake

6) PR
PR Team: Kate Barnes, Dharine Surenthiran, Thalia Mills, Gillian Sturtevant

Creative Agency: Mori + Dentsu
Design Agency for Vehicles: Map Project Office
Production Company: TYO drive, Ogle Models, Kaibutsu, Creative Power Unit, PEN.
PR Agency: Camron
Client: Honda

Creative Superpowers – The Japanese Editions

Creative Direction

Creative Superpowers is a book published by the London-based publisher, Unbound. Upon releasing the Japanese-translated version, we worked on the book design. By reading this book further, the reader will gain the creative powers, bring about a new creation and then expand their world – we depicted such dynamic notion in a shape of iron frame used for the construction. The paper and fonts are chosen to be appropriate for the ‘bible’ of innovation. We created two versions, standard and deluxe. The standard one comes with an expandable book cover which can be used as a promotional poster. The deluxe one consists of four themed booklets and a sleeve to hold them together. Mori is also one of the original writers of this book.
ロンドンの出版社・Unboundから発売された『Creative Superpowers』。原野もその一章を執筆しているが、その日本語版をブックデザインした。本書を読み進めることで、Creative Superpowersを身につけ、新たな創作を生み、世界が広がっていく。その動的な変化を、建築の鉄骨をモチーフに表現。教科書としてふさわしい紙質や文字を選定した。通常版と特別版の2種類を制作。通常版は大判のブックカバーが特徴。広げるとポスターとしても利用でき、プロモーションツールを兼ねている。特別版は、テーマごとに4冊のブックとケースで構成している。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Copywriter: Haruko Tsutsui
Designer: Daisuke Hatakeyama

Deluxe Edition Printing Director: Shinya Tamura
Deluxe Edition Printer: Dentsu On Demand Graphic Inc.
Standard Edition Printer: SO-EI PB PRINTING CO., LTD.

Translator: Koichi Kawajiri
Editor: Kanako Moriya

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Design Agency: Dentsu Inc.
Production Company: Creative Power Unit


Author / Creative Direction

A book written by Mori Harano - "An Introduction To Creativity For Business Persons". A new type of creative introductory book that try to verbalizes the essence of "creativity", which is difficult to verbalize, by drawing on the knowledge of brain science and many quotes from great artists, for "business persons" who believe only in verbalized ones. Mori really want to publish this book in English and Chinese.
Author / Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Editor: Shoko Furushita
Book Designer: Yusuke Kitani (Kaibutsu)
Publisher: Koichiro Kobayakawa (Cross Media Publishing)

創意入門(中国語版 クリエイティブ入門)


My book, "An Introduction to Creativity for Business Persons" has been translated into Chinese and published in Taiwan.
Author: Morihiro Harano
Translator: Sho Chang

Editor for the Original Book: Shoko Furushita
Editor for Chinese Edition: Yu-Wei Lin
Book Designer: Chia-Lin Wu
Publisher: Chun-Yu Shih (GeneLab Inc.)


Creative Direction / Art Direction

Mori Inc. provided the strategy and creative direction to “INN THE PARK”, a new creative camping hotel in Numazu, Shizuoka. This property was originally build for summer camp school purpose over 30 years ago by Numazu city, but was almost abandoned due to the recent low-birthrates situation. We teamed up with the city and Open A, a cool real estate company, to renovate it and reopen it as a “stay-able park” for everyone.
泊まれる公園「INN THE PARK」は、静岡県沼津市で30年以上にわたり愛されてきた「少年自然の家」を、現代的にリノベーションした、まったく新しいタイプの複合宿泊施設です。代々木公園に匹敵する約600,000㎡の広大な自然空間を、自由に使うことができる贅沢さ。森にひっそり浮かぶ「球体テント」、キャンプとは一味違う「屋外レストラン」。雨天でも緑を眺めながらゆったりとした時間が過ごせる「サロン」などなど、自然を身近に感じながら、より豊かな時間を過ごしていただくための施設やサービスをご用意しています。株式会社もりは、Open Aなどとともに事業に参画しながら、事業全体のクリエイティブディレクションを担当しています。
Creative Director + Art Director: Morihiro Harano
Producers: Yasuharu Ito, Yasushi Mikayama, Wataru Yamaga, Open A
Exterior and Interior Designers: Kazutaka Ohashi, Taiki Minakuchi

Photographer: Takaya Sakano
Logo Design: Nishioka Pencil
Web Design: Yusuke Kitani, YAMA
Graphic Design and Illustration: Tomoko Hamada
PR: Michiru Muraki
Project Managers: Misato Tachibana, Yuta Harasawa, Yuri Shiotsu


Creative Direction

The second site of "INN THE PARK", which opened in Numazu in 2017, has opened in Fukuoka. Mori is in charge of the overall creative direction. The space and services were designed by Open A, the art direction and web design were by Kaibutsu, the music direction was by EIGHTYEIGHT., And the PR was done by Drill. Also, Chisato helped me a lot. The photos are shot by Takaya Sakano. Thank you!
沼津で2017年に開業した「泊まれる公園 INN THE PARK」の2号店が、福岡にオープンしました。原野は、全体のクリエイティブディレクションを担当しています。空間やサービスの設計はオープンAの皆さん、アートディレクションとWebデザインはカイブツの木谷さん、音楽ディレクションは清川さん、PRはドリルの村木さんがやってくれました。あと河村さんがいろいろ手伝ってくれました。撮影は今回も、阪野貴也さん。ありがとうございます!
CD: Morihiro Harano
AD: Yusuke Kitani
Photographer: Takaya Sakano

Space & Services Design: Open A
Music Direction: Shinya Kiyokawa
PR: Michiru Muraki
Creative, PM: Chisato Kawamura

Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Companies: Open A(Space and Services), Kaibutsu(AD + Web Design), EIGHTYEIGHT.(Music), Drill(PR)

大同生命: どうだい?

Creative Direction

A branding project for "Dodai?", a DAIDO LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY web service. We created the concept, the name, the character , and videos.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Kinya Okamoto
Art Director: Yusuke Kitani
Writer: Shinichi Takizawa
Creative: Chisato Kawamura

Director & DOP: Yuichiro Fujishiro
Animation: Kenichi Ogino
Boom Operator: Wakai Yukihiro
DITs: Ken Nakano,Yoshio Kitagawa,Eiku Tamada
Colorist: Miyuki Imura
Offline Editor: Koyo Morimoto
Online Editors: Daisuke Ishida, Rika Yamamoto
Sound Mixer: Shousuke Asada
Music: Maia Hirasawa, Katsuya Yamada, Yuichi Shinbo
Casts: Hideo Asai (Asaiseisakusyo), Shota Abe (Fisherman Japan), Koki Oyama (Daiwa Supermarket), Kazunari Osada (Osada Seishijo), Megumi Oda (Albâge Lingerie), Masami Kumagai (Kumagaiji), Maiko Jikuya (Jikuya Distillery), Kazuhide Sugimoto (Sugimoto), Kousuke Takeshita (Takeshita Farm), Ichiro Nakamura (Sanriku Railway), Moriyuki Funakoshi (Tsubame Taxi)
Casting: Yukari Tanaka
Narrator: Erika Nishi

Production Managers: Yosuke Watanabe, Tomone Kuroda
Producers: Yuta Harasawa, Soichiro Furuya

Creative Agency: Mori
Production Company: xpd
Client: Daido Life Insurance Company


Creative Direction / Copywriting

A beautiful work from Mori Inc., directed by Charles Young who also made these paper arts. Produced by Stink Studios New York, in association with Engine Film Tokyo.
Creative Director/Copywriter: Morihiro Harano
Co-Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Art Director: Lana Shahmoradian
English Copywriter: Scott Lehman
Director/DP/Paper Art: Charles Young
Editor: Jesse McGowan
Composer: Jeremy Turner
Narrators: Natalia Plaza(EN), Hiroto Ohmori(JP)
Producer: Jessica Hong
Executive Producer: Belinda Reichle
Translator: Sumire Matsumura
Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu
Account Executive: Yusuke Ohkoshi
Account Director: Hideyuki Chihara
Creative Agency: Mori Inc. + Engine Film
Production Company: Stink Studios New York
Client: Toyota

Uniqlo: Skip_Winter

Creative Direction

We, Mori Inc., created an Uniqlo video with Greg Brunkalla and Stink Studios London. We tried to make a very "product-hero" TVC more entertaining and exciting, inspired by a great opening credits of "Footloose" of 1984.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano (Mori Inc.)
Art Director: Masanori Sakamoto (Deltro Inc.)
Fashion Director: Davey Sutton

Creative and Film Production: Stink Studios London
Director: Greg Brunkalla
Executive Producer: Tessa Wood
Executive Creative Director: Cameron Temple
Creative: Simon Cheadle
Senior Visual Effects Designer: Tim Gardiner
Visual Effects Designer: Robin Barnes
Producer: Grace Carroll
Editor: Pete Fullerton
Post Production Supervisor: James Vorley
DOP: Rina Yang

Post Production
Post-production: Smoke and Mirrors
Soundtrack composer: Guy Amitai

Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu (Mori Inc.)
Account Executives: Naoya Ozawa, Miki Kanayama (Dentsu Inc.)
Client Supervisor: Tsuyoshi Hayashi (Uniqlo)

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Company: Stink Studios
Client: Uniqlo

How to drink a Campari

Creative Direction

In a series of films for Campari a woman is faced with a puzzling situation: how to drink a Campari that is turned upside down. Each episode offers a quirky solution on how to turn the upside-down-glass back into its drinking position. Without dropping a single drop of the Campari of course…
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Concept & Direction: Lernert & Sander

DOP: Patrick Otten
Art Director: Tom Darmstaedter
Styling: Thomas Vermeer
Make Up: Florence Teerlinck
Editor: Simone Rau
Grading & Online: Hectic Electric
Music & Sound Design: Diederik Idenburg
Casting: Alexandra Carrée
Models: Layna, Nicola & Olav (Dominique Models)
Project Manager: Misato Tachibana, Motoko Shimizu
Producer: Marie-Hélène Van Quickenborne, Bram Sterckx
Executive Producer: Maarten Le Roy

Creative Agency: Mori Inc. / Lernert & Sander
Production Company: ADULT (
Client: Campari / Suntory


Creative Direction

We created a Valentine's Day campaign for Godiva, which includes a full-page ad in the Nikkei financial newspaper, in which their president Jerome Chouchan suggested the "giri choco" practice is antiquated and should be retired. *giri choco: A Japanese Valentine's Day tradition in which woman are expected to buy "giri choco", or obligation chocolate, for male coworkers as a thank-you for their support and cooperation throughout the year.
We also created a TVC in which Godiva also suggested their customers give freely in this Valentine's Day.
The campaign was selected for “The Most Contagious Campaign of 2018” by Contagious Magazine.
このキャンペーンは、Contagious誌により「The Most Contagious Campaign of 2018」に選出されました。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Kinya Okamoto
Designer: Daisuke Sasaki, Tomoko Hamada
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana

Film Production: Stink Studios
Global Head of Content: Dan Scott-Craxford
Executive Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Creative Director: Lana Shahmoradian
Executive Producer: Belinda Reichle
Producer: Luciana Alamo
Director: Charlotte Wales
Director of Photography: Jeremy Valender
Production Services: AOI Pro.
International Producer: Shoko Akutagawa
Production Designer: Rika Nakanishi
Stylist: Shotaro Yamaguchi
Make up: Naomi Nishida
Hair Stylist: Akitsune Takemura
Postproduction: Gloss VFX
Editor: Chrissy Rabe
Original Music: Andrew McDonnell
Sound Design/Audio Mix: Digital Arts

Casts: Ai Uchiyama, CHLOE, and Emi Matsushima

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.+ Stink Studios
Production Company: Stink Studios
Client: Godiva

LUX Social Damage Care Project

Creative Direction

In Japan, workplace discrimination against women is a serious problem. In fact, the 2020 Gender Gap Index published by the World Economic Forum ranked Japan 121st out of 153 countries, the lowest among all developed nations. Most Japanese companies require job applicants to specify their gender and age, and attach a photo to their résumé. Inevitably, this makes physical appearance one of the criteria by which applicants are judged. The tendency to judge applicants on their looks is particularly true for women. It is to address this and other forms of gender discrimination that LUX-Unilever decided to take action. Since LUX is best known in Japan for “Damage Care” hair-care products aimed at women, we named the initiative the “LUX Social Damage Care Project.” We announced the initiative in full-page newspaper ads in the Nikkei, Japan’s leading financial newspaper, which is widely read by the nation’s business leaders. Ad placement was timed to coincide with the start of the business community’s annual job recruiting drive for new university graduates. With a clear, simple statement of the actions LUX is taking to create a more equitable society, the ads resonated well beyond the Nikkei’s readership. They triggered discussions on TV programs and social networks that resulted in an organic reach estimated at more than 14.3 million. But perhaps even more importantly, they sent a message of hope to the generation of young women who will shape Japan’s future.
(ボディコピー)もっと早く、こうするべきでした。女性のいたみは、きっと髪だけではない。生き方のすべてにダメージの可能性は存在している。そんな思いから、私たちは LUX Social Damage Care Project をスタートさせました。はじめのアクションは、採用においてあなたを「性別」から解放すること。ユニリーバ・ジャパンへの就職を希望する方に関して、ジェンダーや容姿ではなく個人の意欲と能力のみに焦点を当てていくことを約束します。そのためにまず、履歴書から顔写真をなくすことに踏みきりました。写真を見れば、意識せずとも「容姿」の印象がこころに刷りこまれる。そして、能力をもつ人を選ぶフィルターをくもらせてしまうおそれすらある。「見ため」にとらわれずあなた自身を知ることが、女性が社会で輝くために必要だと私たちは判断したのです。さらに、性別につながるおそれのある情報は、ファーストネームにいたるまですべて採用担当者の目からシャットアウトすることを目指します。この取り組みは、LUX だけでなく選考に携わるすべての方々にご協力いただき、新卒でも 中途でも、いかなる採用ルートでも徹底すると誓います。あなたが、じぶんの選んだ場所でじぶんらしい光を放てるように。私たちはいちばん近くで女性の輝きをサポートしていきます。女性はみんな、輝く権利をもっている。#性別知ってどうするの

POLA 国際女性デー

Creative Direction

A newspaper ad delivered on March 8, 2021, International Women's Day by POLA. We really love this very emotional story. The beautiful website about the manifesto of "We Care More.", created by mount inc., was also launched on the same day.
国際女性デーに寄せた、POLAの新聞広告をガチ制作しました。広告はふつう、なるべくシンプルにつくります。しかし「ほんとうに大切なこと」を伝えるときは、端折らず、丁寧に伝えることも重要なのではないか、と思っています。画像だと読みにくいと思いますが、是非、最後までお読みいただけると嬉しいです。3/8の日経新聞に掲載されています。同時に、mount inc.による素晴らしいサイトも公開されました。こちらは「We Care More.」のマニフェストのためのサイトです。
CD: Morihiro Harano
C: Tetsuya Yamane, Scott Lehman
AD: Takeshi Fukunaga, Q Asaba
Illustrator: MACCIU

Web Production: mount inc.
Art Director : Jeongho Im
Technical Director: Kenji Okabe
Assistant Designers: Andreas Bryant Wutuh, Satoshi Kasai
Assistant Developer: Nana Terada
Project Manager: Ayame Kano

Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu
AE: Ayumi Yasuda
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Agency: Light Publicity + Mori Inc.
Web Production Company: mount inc.
Client: POLA

POLA: 目の前を救いたい。ぜんぶそこから始まる。

Creative Direction

A newspaper ad for POLA, talking about their NON-"telescopic philanthropy" approaches to SDGs.
いわゆるSDGs的な目標を掲げる企業が増えてきてますが、大切なことは「目の前」にあることを素通りしないことなのでは?と思います。POLAの社内報を見せてもらったら、まさに「目の前」の課題にアクティブに取り組んでいる女性が、全国のお店にたくさんいらっしゃることがわかりました。これを是非とも全国紙で紹介したいなと思い、原稿を作りました。Web制作は、mount inc.で。
CD: Morihiro Harano
C: Tetsuya Yamane, Scott Lehman
AD: Takeshi Fukunaga
Illustrator: MACCIU

[Web Production]
Art Director : Jeongho Im
Technical Director: Kenji Okabe
Assistant Designers: Andreas Bryant Wutuh, Satoshi Kasai
Assistant Developer: Nana Terada
Project Manager: Ayame Kano

AP: Motoko Shimizu
AE: Ayumi Yasuda
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Agency: Light Publicity + Mori
Web Production Company: mount inc.
Client: POLA

POLA 母の日

Creative Direction

A POLA's newspaper Ad for Mother's Day, talking about their special thanks to all diverse mothers in the world.
CD: Morihiro Harano
C: Tetsuya Yamane, Scott Lehman
AD: Takeshi Fukunaga
Illustrator: MACCIU

[Web Production]
Art Director : Jeongho Im
TD, Developer, Planner: Kenji Okabe
Designer, Planner: Tei Jyo
Developer: Nana Terada
Project Manager: Ayame Kano

AP: Motoko Shimizu
AE: Ayumi Yasuda
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Agency: Light Publicity + Mori
Web Production Company: mount inc.
Client: POLA

Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo 2017

Creative Direction

We, Mori Inc., provides the creative direction to Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo 2017, and made awesome posters and a video. Must-see!
株式会社もりは、2017年から始まった「Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo」のクリエイティブディレクションを担当しています。ド派手なポスターとビデオをつくりました。自信作。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Direction and Design: TYMOTE (Q Asaba, Kent Iitaka, Rei Ishii)
Copywriter: Tetsuji Hasegawa, Morihiro Harano
Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu

Motion Graphics: Takuya Hosogane
Music: Satoshi Yoshitake
Producer: Yuta Harasawa

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Companies: TYMOTE, TYO Drive
Client: Red Bull

“Art & Copy”: Tokyo Screening

Creative Direction

We held a Japanese screening of "Art & Copy" produced by The One Club and directed by Doug Pray. This is the movie that I really wanted young Japanese creative people to watch. I also had beauiful posters made by Goo Choki Par. I was very happy I did it.
The One Club 製作、Doug Pray 監督の『Art & Copy』の日本語上映会を開きました。日本の若いクリエイティブの人にぜひ観て欲しかった映画です。素敵なポスターも作ってもらいました。やってよかったなと思っています。上映会のために、秋山晶さんのインタビュービデオを菱川さんにつくってもらいました。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: GOO CHOKI PAR
Copywriter: Tetsuya Yamane
Creative: Chisato Kawamura

Alice Style: New Branding

Creative Direction

We renew the brand system of Alice Style, an innovative venture company redefining rental business including Consumer to Consumer. We thought this business is not just a "business" but a new social movement for the capitalism. That's why we design their logo using a simple handwriting drawing to make it more friendly, which allows everyone can draw it.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Kinya Okamoto, Tomoko Kasugai, Hirotomo Takei
Art Director: Bunpei Yorifuji
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Client: PeaceTec Lab

Eight: Business Cards

Creative Direction

A video for Eight, an app which enables us to manage our business cards in a smarter way. The video shows how to exchange business cards also in a "smarter" way.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Content Writer: Jun Nishida
Copywriter: Akihiro Terui
Art Director: Masanori Sakamoto

Director: Jun Tamukai
Choreographer: Furitsukekagyo air:man
Music: Satoshi Yoshitake
Cameraman: Makoto Okuguchi
Lighting: Hitoshi Otake
Grip: Takashi Taniguchi
DIT: Taito Oyama
Production Designer: Yoshihiro Narutaki
Stylist: Kozue Shigeo
Hair & Makeup: Masayoshi Okudaira
Sound Operator: Isao Yoshida
Online Editor: Shunsuke Kakuuchi
VFX Producer: Yoshifumi Sadahara
Colorist: Yasutaka Ishihara
Production Manager: Satoshi Miyata
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana
Producer: Mitsuru Yamamori
Cast: The Whole Earth Catalog

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Campany: morimori
Client: Sansan. Inc.

Sansan: 出会う、が、世界を変えていく。

Creative Direction

A branding video for Sansan, a Japanese company which provides the social platform of business network.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Akihiro Terui
Art Director: Masanori Sakamoto
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana

English Copywriting and Film Production
Executive Producer: Dan Scott-Croxford
Executive Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Creative Director: Harrison Luongtran
Producer: Jessica Hong
Director: Chris Morrish
Line Producer: Adam Piotrowicz
Production Supervisor: John Hollingsworth
Location Manager: Ana Cuadra
1st AD: Dave Chapman
2nd AD: Robin Forman
DP: Stuart Winecoff
Steadicam Operator: Stew Cantrell
Production Designer: Elizabeth Jones
Art Director: Jenny Correa
Props Master: Johnny Saczko
Costume Designer: Megan Stark Evans
Gaffer: Andrew Tank Rivara
Key Grip: Gary Wilkins
Hair and Makeup: Emily Edgar
Sound Mixer: Catherine Hood
Editorial: Spotwelders (Marlo Caine)
Color: The Mill (Mikey Pehanich)
Sound Design/Mix: One Thousand Bird (Calvin Pia)
Composer: Brendan Woithe
Translators: Sumire Matsumura, Tetsuko Shinohara

Japanese Narration
Narrator: Hiroto Ohmori
Sound Mixer: Temujin Shimizu
Production Manager: Takashi Obinata
Producer Mitsuru Yamamori

Creative Agency: Mori + Stink Studios New York
Production Company: Stink Studios New York
Client: Sansan

ZOZO: Be unique. Be equal.

Creative Direction

Mori Inc. created a new branding film for ZOZO, an online fashion brand that creates clothes on demand, tailored to fit you, body and soul.
インドの結婚式に出席する少女、アフリカ・レソト高原で牧畜を営むソト族、ヨハネスブルグのインフルエンサー・Material Don Dada、テーラーでスーツの試着をする英国人男性、ケープタウンのLGBTたち、バレーダンサー、タイのパンク少年、ナイロビのマタツバスをペイントするグラフィティアーティスト、ベルリンのテクノゴス、パンツラのダンサーデュオ、といったリアルで生き生きとしたキャストの中に、ZOZOSUITでジーンズを注文する女性とその幼馴染のゲイの少年が描かれています。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriters: Yusaku Maezawa, Scott Lehman
Designer: Masanori Sakamoto
Creative: Tetsuya Yamane
Translator: Sumire Matsumura
Agency Producers: Motoko Shimizu, Misato Tachibana

Director: Clayton Vomero
Executive Producer: Julia Fetterman
Producer: Debbie Ninnis
Production Manager: Erinn Fitzgerald
DOP: Sean Price Williams
Choreographer: Holly Blakey
Stylist: Harris Elliot
SA Producer: Clare Van Zyl
SA 1st AD: Nick Lorentz
SA Art Director: William Boyes
TL Line Producer: Kate Wynborne
TL 1st AD: O Sawantrat
TL Art Director: Sorn Musicabutr
Editor: Stephen Dunne / Whitehouse Post
Online: Time Based Arts
Music: "Cosmic Dancer" by Marc Bolan (T. Rex)
Sound Design: Jon Clarke / Factory
Arrangement: Alex Epton

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Company: Somesuch London
SA Service Company: Monkey Films
Thai Service Company: Indochina Productions

POLA: New Branding

Creative Direction

The brief was to rejuvenate Pola's visual identity upon their 85th anniversary, including a total redesign of all of their branding and packaging. We designed a visual identity system based on dots: Pola Dots. Each dot represents a drop of Pola’s beauty products; the pattern shows the way that dot expands drop by drop infinitely across time and space. The pattern communicates Pola’s commitment as a cosmetic company to delivering their products carefully crafted, and without compromise to each customer.
POLAのリブランディングを総合的にお手伝いさせていただきました。新企業理念「Science. Art. Love.」、行動規範、マニフェストの策定から、ブランディングビデオの制作、新VIシステム「Pola Dots」のデザインまで。ショッピングバッグや封筒、名刺、そして店舗のデザインも一新しました。
1) Pola Dots

Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Kazunari Hattori
Copywriter: Tetsuya Yamane
Executive Creative Director: Kotaro Sugiyama

Creative Agency: Mori Inc. + Light Publicity Co., Ltd.
Design Agency: Kazunari Hattori Inc.
Client: POLA INC.


2) Manifesto Video / Last Makeup

Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Tetsuya Yamane
Art Director: Q Asaba
Director+DOP+Editor: Yutaka Obara
DIT: Satoru Nishigaki
Mixer: Temujin Shimizu
Music: Shinya Kiyokawa
Project Manager: Motoko Shimizu
Production Manager: Takashi Ojima
Producer: Yusuke Ohkoshi
Account Executive: Ayumi Yasuda
Executive Creative Director: Kotaro Sugiyama

Creative Agency: Mori Inc. + Light Publicity Co., Ltd.
Production Company: Light Publicity Co., Ltd.
Client: POLA INC.

Pola Recruit Forum 2016

Creative Direction

This POLA recruitment ad was the first ever TVC which mentioned about the gender equality situation in Japan, and got a huge response from the audience.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Tetsuya Yamane
Art Director: Nanase Suzuki
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Director: Junko Morita
DOP: Orie Ichihashi
Gaffer: Kenta Sakimoto
Editors: Koji Muranaka (Offline), Takeshi Kajiwara (Online)
Mixer: Masaharu Kurata
Stylist: Shiori Tomita
Hair & Makeup: Aya Takahashi
Music: “Every Night” (Dorothy Prince)
Music Licensing: SCORE A SCORE
Casts: Miyuna Tajima, Rina Akamine, Saki Tanaka, Saori Arino, Mebuki Yoshida
Narrator: Yuga
Casting: Mitsuyo Ishigaki
Location Coordinators: Kenta Sasaki (Tokyo), Hiroaki Tanada (Hokkaido)
Account Executive: Ayumi Yasuda
Production Manager: Shunsuke Kosaka
Producer: Yusuke Ohkoshi

Creative Agency: Mori + Light Publicity
Production Company: Light Publicity
Client: Pola

Pola Recruit Forum 2017

Creative Direction

The 2017 version of the TVC for ”Pola Recruit Forum". We talked about the gender equality situation in Japan again, got a bigger response from the audience much more than the previous year.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Tetsuya Yamane
Art Director: Takeshi Fukunaga

Director: Junko Morita
DOP: Orie Ichihashi
Gaffer: Kenta Sakimoto
Stylist: Shiori Tomita
Hair/Makeup: Yae Nakayama
Production Designer: Yu Nakamura
Offline Editor: Koji Muranaka
Online Editor: Maya Watanabe
Mixer: Masaharu Kurata
Music: Dorothy Prince “Every Night” (SCORE A SCORE)
Narrator: Yuga
Casting: Mitsuyo Ishigaki
Casts: Naomi Ishikura, Rina Saotome, Nana Wada, Erika Imaizumi, and Yuko Nagata
Location Coordinator: Yoshikazu Mitsuhashi
Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu
AE: Ayumi Yasuda
Production Manager: Takashi Ojima
Producer: Yumi Shinozaki
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Creative Agency: Mori + Light Publicity
Production Company: Light Publicity
Client: POLA

Pola Recruit Forum 2018

Creative Direction

The 2018 version of the TVC for ”Pola Recruit Forum".
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Tetsuya Yamane
Art Director: Takeshi Fukunaga

Director: Junko Morita
DOP: Orie Ichihashi
Gaffer: Takuya Sakimoto
Stylist: Satoe Araki
Hair/Makeup: Jimi
Production Designer: Yu Nakamura
Offline Editor: Koji Muranaka
Online Editor: Maya Watanabe
Mixer: Masaharu Kurata
Music: Dorothy Prince “Every Night” (SCORE A SCORE)
Narrator: Yuga
Casting: Mitsuyo Ishigaki
Casts: Kikuchi Makoto, Ayame Kiryu, Motoko, Arisa Yoshikawa, Yuri Shirasato, Yuma Mairo, Fujimoto Ayami
Location Coordinator: Yoshikazu Mitsuhashi
Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu
AE: Ayumi Yasuda
Production Manager: Takashi Ojima
Producer: Yumi Shinozaki
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Creative Agency: Mori + Light Publicity
Production Company: Light Publicity
Client: POLA

POLA B.A: The Flower Stall

Creative Direction

The rebranding campaign for POLA B.A. We created the beautiful flower stall with Makoto Azuma, Enzo, and Yusuke KItani and make it go around the world. The flower arts are also used for the new package design as the symbol of its new branding.
POLA B.Aのリブランディング・キャンペーン。フラワーアーティスト東信氏、Enzo氏、そしてカイブツ・木谷さんと製作した「移動式の花屋(The Flower Stall)が、アメ横からアイスランドまで、世界中を旅しました。東さんのフラワーアートは、パッケージデザインにも使用され、新しいB.Aブランドの象徴となりました。
1) The Flower Stall

Concept / Art Director: Yusuke Kitani (kaibutsu)
Flower Artist : Makoto Azuma
Flower Stall Design: ENZO
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano (Mori)

Director / DOP: Senzo Ueno (TOKYO)
Cam 1st: Tadashi Sato
Cam 2nd: Yamato Sugimoto
Lighting: Masachio Nishida
Electrician: Tomohiro Takahashi
Stylist: Akito Kitano
Hair / Make-up: fumi, Sayuri Yamashita
Cast:MARIYA Sa, Ieva
Music: audioforce
Offline Editor: Ryuichi Hasegawa, Shiho Etori
Online Editor: Hitoshi Kimura
Colorist: Yasuo Fukuda
Assistant Production Manager: Kazuaki Nagai, Hiromi Sato, Shin Tsuchida (Spoon.)
Production Manager: Hiroshi Yamakawa (Spoon.)
Producer: Kentaro Ishibashi (Spoon.)

Designer: Atsuhi Hashimoto (YAMA)
Programmer: Komei Sato (Kappuku)

Creative Agency: Mori Inc. + kaibutsu
Production Company: Spoon.
Client: Pola BA


2) TVC: Iceland

Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Eiji Tanino, Hizuru Miyake
Art Director: Q Asaba
Flower Artist: Makoto Azuma

Director: Seiichi Hishikawa
DOP: Seiichi Hishikawa, Shinya Sato
Lighting: Katsunori Saito
Flower Stall Design: Enzo
Production Designer: Hiroshi Kohno
Stylist: Masashi Nomura,Tsugumi Watari
Hair+Makeup: Ryuji Nakashima, TAKU, WADA
Location Coordinator: Sumire Matsumura, Pegasus Pictures
Online Editor: Shunsuke Kakuuchi
VFX: Munechika Inudo, Yoshifumi Sadahara, Crescent
Cast: Ryoko Yonekura, Mari Natsuki
Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu
Production Manager: Rie Gonda, Satoshi Miyata
Producer: Mitsuru Yamamori
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Creative Agency: Mori + Light Publicity
Production Company: morimori
Client: POLA


3) Manifesto Movie

Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Eiji Tanino, Hizuru Miyake
Art Director: Q Asaba

Director+DOP: Kazunali Tajima
Lighting: Masami Noguchi
Production Designer: Kazutomo Yamamura
Online Editor: Yuto Umega
Offline Editor: Takanobu Tsushima
Mixer: Yuko Hashimoto
Music: Goldmund
Narration: Mari Natsuki
Production Manager: Masahiko Shirato
Producer: Yusuke Ohkoshi
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

Creative Agency: Mori + Light Publicity
Production Company: Light Publicity
Client: POLA

Pola B.A: Make The Wind Blow

Creative Direction

A brand film for Pola B.A made by Mori Inc. with Nick Knight and PRETTYBIRD.
Pola B.Aのためのブランドフィルム。巨匠・Nick Knight 氏の監督作品。正座して見ること。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Copywriter: Tetsuya Yamane

Director: Nick Knight
SHOWstudio Director / Agent: Charlotte Knight
Executive Producer: Juliette Larthe
Producer: Hannah May

Casting Director: Jess Hallett Casting
Model: Lucan Gillespie c/o Select Models

Photographic Assistant: Britt Lloyd
Photographic Assistant: Rob Rusling
Photographic Assistant: Rebecca Scheinberg

Hair Stylist: Sam McKnight
Hair Stylist Assistant: Fabio Petri
Hair Stylist Assistant: Valerie Benevidos
Hair Stylist Assistant: Jennifer Lil Buckley
Make up Aritist: Laura Dominique
Manicurist: Marian Newman
Wardrobe Stylist: Charlotte Roberts
Stylist Assistant: Yamine Daaboul
Stylist Assistant: Issy Martin
Seamstress: Shirley Fitzgerald

Set Designer: Andy Tomlinson
Set Design Assistant: Tobias Blackmore
Set Design Assistant: Anil Sharma
Construction: James Robotham
Floral Art: Flora Starkey

Camera Operator: Charlotte Ginsborg
Phantom Technician Robin Horn
Focus Puller: Catharine Brown
2nd AC: Jenny John Chuan
DIT: David Palmer
Video Playback: Karl Taggart
Grip: Daniel Essex

Gaffer: Larry Prinz
Electrician: Gavin Walters
Electrician: Tim Shotter
Electrical Trainee: Peter Kehoe
Electrical Trainee: Laura Gallop

1st Assistant Director: James Dyer
Production Manager: Marian Mikhail
Production Assistant: Tom Manaton
Production Intern: Diego Caicedo
Photographic Intern: Lallie Doyle
Runner: Alex Mill
Runner: Jacob Temple
Runner: Giles Buchanan

On set editor: Raquel Couceiro

AE: Ayumi Yasuda
Agency Producers: Yumi Shinozaki, Motoko Shimizu
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama
Client Supervisor: Kazuko Watanabe

Creative Agency: Mori + Light Publicity
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
Client: POLA

Honda. Beautiful Engines.

Creative Direction

Honda manufactures wide range of products including automobiles, motorcycles, jets, water crafts, electrical generators, lawn and garden equipments. We found that Honda has been “the world's largest engine manufacturer”. The engines don't just move machines and vehicles, but move people and society. We considered the engines with bigger perspectives, and developed the graphics and copies. The website automatically shifts as if it is driven by the engines.
実は、Hondaは、“世界最大のエンジンメーカー” 、なんです。エンジンを、機械だけでなく、人や社会を動かすものと大きくとらえてグラフィックやコピーを開発し、アートブック的なアウトプットにまとました。
CD: Morihiro Harano (Mori)
AD: Yoshihiro Yagi (Dentsu)
C: Haruko Tsutsui (Dentsu), Nae Mikuni (Dentsu), Daisuke Asano (Dentsu), Scott Lehman (Lehman Ad)

Film Director: Takuya Demura (Caviar)
Interactive Director: Yusuke Kitani (Kaibutsu)
Music: Satoshi Yoshitake (cubesato)

Designer: Taiji Kimura (PEN.), Daisuke Hatakeyama (Creative Power Unit), Masashi Fujita (Creative Power Unit), Chihiro Kato (Dentsu), Masanari Kakamu (Dentsu), Daisuke Sasaki, David Robert
Motion Graphics Designer: Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Caviar), Junichi Arakawa (Birdman), Junya Sato (Kaibutsu), Komei Sato (Kappuku)
Web Designer: Atsushi Hashimoto (YAMA)
Programmer: Kazuki Nakata (YAMA)
Photographer: Fumihito Katamura (Fumihito Katamura Photograph Office)

Editor: Takero Yamashita (TYO Technical Ranch)
Mixer: Masaaki Yoshizaki (TYO Technical Ranch)
Printing Director: Shinya Tamura (Dentsu On Demand Graphic)
Production Manager: Yuta Harasawa (TYO PRODUCTIONS1), Masahira Mizuta (TYO PRODUCTIONS1)
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana (Mori), Yutaka Hasegawa (Dentsu), Hidenori Kakinuma (Dentsu)
Producer: Shunichi Takano (TYO PRODUCTIONS1) 

Film Production Company: Caviar + TYO PRODUCTIONS1
Graphics Production Company: PEN. + Creative Power Unit
Interactive Production Company: Kaibutsu + YAMA + BIRDMAN
Creative Agency: Mori + Denstu

Honda 3D Design Archives

Concept / Creative Direction

A new microsite where Honda is sharing their 3D design data/models online under Creative Commons 4.0 for your personal printing.
Hondaの過去のコンセプトカーの3DデータがダウンロードできるWebサイト。クリエイティブ・コモンズ 4.0に準拠し、非営利に限り、ユーザーによる改変も許容するという試み。3Dプリンターの登場で“ものづくり”のあり方が変わる中、Hondaのものづくりに対する態度を表明するプロジェクトとして企画された。AD+Cは、電通の八木+筒井。サイトの制作は、Kaibutsu+BIRDMAN。
CD: Morihiro Harano (Mori)
AD: Yoshihiro Yagi (Dentsu)
C: Haruko Tsutsui (Dentsu)
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana, Yutaka Hasegawa

Art Director: Yusuke Kitani (Kaibutsu)
Designer: Tomoya Sato (Kaibutsu)
Director: Yoichi Kanazawa (BIRDMAN)
Technical Director: Tomoya Takahashi (BIRDMAN)
CG Engineer: Junichi Arakawa (BIRDMAN)
Flash Developer: Tomoya Takahashi (BIRDMAN), Komei Sato (KAPPUKU)
HTML Coder: Junko Tokiwa (BIRDMAN)
3D Print Supervisor: Yuji Hara, Mai Hirota (K’s design Lab. )
3D Sculpter: Sinya Kishimoto, Akira Kawakami, Sayako Komaki, Noriko Yamaguchi, Mai Murata (K’s design Lab.)

Super ultra daydreams
Music: Satoshi Yoshitake (cubesato)
Designer: Shunsuke Sugiyama
Online Editor: Ryo Nakazato (TYO Technical Ranch Inc.)
Mixer: Masaaki Yoshizaki (TYO Technical Ranch Inc.)
PM: Yuta Harasawa
Producer: Shunichi Takano

Making-of 3D printing
DOP: Junya Sato (Kaibutsu)
Editor: Junichi Arakawa (BIRDMAN)
Music: Satoshi Yoshitake (cubesato)

Creative Agency: Mori Inc. + Dentsu Inc.
Production Company: Kaibutsu Inc. + BIRDMAN Inc. + TYO Inc.
Client: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Honda: Super ultra daydreams

Creative Direction

A motion graphics film for Honda's global branding. It was revealed at Honda booth in the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show.
第43回 東京モーターショーのHondaブースにて初公開された、Hondaのグローバルブランディング映像。

Sony: Turtle Cam

Creative Direction

A film by Lernert & Sander. This film puts the eye-popping slow motion function of the Sony Action Cam to the test in an surprisingly fast race between the epitome of slow - turtles.

NOTE: No turtles or dogs were harmed in the making of this film. All animals were professionally supervised on set by American Humane Association and the turtles on the dogs’ backs are custom designed robotic puppets.
Sony Action Camのスローモーション機能をプロモーションするための映像。ドッグレースのジョッキーを“カメ”がやったらどうなるか。

Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Concept & Direction: Lernert & Sander

Executive Producers: Hana Shimizu & Zack Kortright
Producer: Cathy Kwan
Line Producer: Nancy Marks
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
VFX Supervisor: Craig Sylvester
Editor: Oscar Marmelstein (Ambassadors)
Post-Production Editor: Stephanie Andreou
Production Manager: Heather Semer
Production Designer: Jerry Bloehm
Prop Master/Rigger: Shane Bell
Animal Wrangler: Stacey Marino
Dog Talents: Isis (Greyhound) / Apollo (Afghan Hound) / Haley (King Poodle) / Bart (Old English Sheepdog) / Rosie (Basset Hound)
Gaffer: Sean Gray
Key Grip: Sam Hassell
Pre-Viz: Matt Parent
Compositors: Herculano Fernandes, Ted Wiggin
Lighting & Rendering: Michael Marsek
Music & Sound Design: Diederik Idenburg (MOST)
Colorist: Brian Krijgsman (Ambassadors)

Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Hughes
Executive Producer: Erica Kung
Producer: Luciana Alamo

Creative Agency: Mori Inc. / Lernert & Sander
Production Company: Hornet / Stinkdigital
Client: Sony

Sony: Never Before Seen

Creative Direction

We created a young directors' showcase called "Never Before Seen", which hosts over 20 videos shot by Sony Action Cam to position it as the camera of choice for makers everywhere.
Sony Action Camを使った映像のショーケース。スポーツ分野で実績のある競合に対して、創作分野でのユニークな活用法を世界中の作り手(Makers)に提案していくため、若手の映像作家やアーティストに映像制作をお願いしました。かっこいいタイトル映像は、細金卓矢+吉武諭。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano, Mark Pytlik

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Company: Stinkdigital New York
Client: Sony

Sony: Water Rock

Creative Direction / Art Direction

The riverhead area in Kumamoto, Kyushu is renowned for its high quality of pure natural water. We created a music video kind of a TV Commercial by syncing the footage of the dancing water with the original sound of water, filmed and recorded around the area. The music is a widely known piece called Pachelbel's Canon.
Creative Director : Morihiro Harano (Mori)
Art Director : Jun Nishida (Drill)
Copywriter : Morihiro Harano, Ankur Rander (Mori)
Music : Shinya Kiyokawa, Kenjiro Matsuo (Invisible Designs Lab.)
Director : Seiichi Hishikawa (DRAWING AND MANUAL)
Cinematographer : Eitaro Yamamoto (SHADOW-DAN), Seiichi Hishikawa, Yutaka Obara (DRAWING AND MANUAL)
Recordist : Toshiro Matsumoto
Offline Editor : Seiichi Hishikawa, Yutaka Obara (DRAWING AND MANUAL), Ryosei Suzuki
Online Editor : Hitoshi Kimura (BOOK)
Mixer : Kazue Akiyama (BOOK)
Production Designer : Ken Yamada (BEARD)
Project Manager : Motoko Shimizu (Mori)
Production Manager : Shinji Urano (Engine PLUS)
Producer : Toshifumi Oiso (Engine PLUS), Takashi Ueno (DRAWING AND MANUAL)

Creative Agency : Mori + Drill
Production Company : Engine Plus + DRAWING AND MANUAL + Invisible Design Lab.
Client : Sony

Menicon: Magic

Package Design / Creative Direction

Magic is Menicon's new contact lens series, which uses a new technology that enables the super thin 1mm container. We created the entire brand communication, including the product name, packaging, communication design, PR solutions and advertisement.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano, MORI (ex-Drill)
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi, Dentsu
Copywriter: Haruko Tsutsui, Dentsu
Designer: Toshimitsu Tanaka / Ayano Higa
Photographer: Takaya Sakano
Photo Coordinator: Osamu Koiso
Motion Graphics: Takuya Demura, CAVIAR
Sound Design: Toru Sasaki, Handsometracks
Producer: Mitsuru Yamamori, geekpictures
Interactive Director: Yusuke Kitani, Kaibutsu
Technical Director: Qanta Shimizu, PARTY
Flash Engineer: Minoru Sako / Qanta Shimizu, PARTY / Shinya Kobayashi / Shozo Okada, Hi-Posi / Miyuki Tsumagari, Hi-Posi
Programmer: Naoko Umeta, S2 Factory / Jun Kuriyama, S2 Factory
Agency Producer: Koji Wada, Dentsu / Tetsuji Nose, Drill / Misato Tachibana, MORI (ex-Drill)
Agency: MORI + Dentsu
Client: Menicon

Clash Royal: Anime Campaign

Creative Direction

We created the Japanese “anime” version of Supercell’s Clash Royale TVC with the credible animators here and a rock band called “Gesu no Kiwami Otome”.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Writers: Eriko Oshikawa, Masato Goto
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana

Director: Eriko Oshikawa
Music: Gesu no Kiwami Otomoe.
Character Designer: Naoyuki Asano
Character Design Producers: Ryosuke Inagaki, Naoko Tsutsumi
Animation Producer: Ryo Higuchi
Animation Directors: Hiroyuki Yoshida, Wataru Ono
Animation Project manager: Yusuke Suzuki
Animation Production Companies: Shirogumi, Graphinica
Online Editor: Kenya Suzuki
Mixer: Masaaki Yoshizaki
Narrator: Yuichi Nakamura
Production Manager: Ryo Nishiki
Producer: Yuta Harasawa

Executive Creative Director: John Yamamoto
Client Supervisor: Maki Ehara

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Companies: TYO drive, SHIROGUMI, Graphinica
Client: Supercell Oy

クリエイティブディレクター:原野 守弘
企画:押川 恵里子、後藤 雅人
エージェンシープロデューサー:橘 実里

監督:押川 恵里子
キャラクターデザイン:浅野 直之
キャラクターデザイン・アシスタント:てぐれ けい
キャラクターデザイン・制作管理:稲垣 亮祐
キャラクターデザイン・プロデューサー:堤 尚子
オンラインエディター:鈴木 健也
ミキサー:吉崎 雅章
ナレーター:中村 悠一
プロダクションマネージャー:西木 亮
プロデューサー:原沢 優太

アニメーションプロデューサー:樋口 良 
アニメーションディレクター:吉田 裕行、小野 航
プロジェクトマネージャー:鈴木 悠祐
3Dモデル:滝沢 雅人、奥山 光太郎、田中 由美子、坂本 司、鈴木 由衣、石田 裕太郎、穴村 崇、小山 和希
3DCGアニメーション:滝沢 雅人、奥山 光太郎、田中 由美子、坂本 司、吉村 亮、矢野 剛、荻野 佑一朗
撮影:滝沢 雅人、奥山 光太郎、田中 由美子、矢野 剛

絵コンテ・総合ディレクター:堀内 隆
絵コンテ:中嶋 清人
絵コンテ・演出:阿尾 直樹
美術監督:小島 伸一
3D背景ディレクター:三好 紀彦
3D背景モデリング:松本 昌敏、石橋 直樹
色彩設計:佐々木 雅人
3Dアニメーション:五十嵐 彩香、酒井 邦博、八木田 肇
テクニカルディレクター:酒井 邦博
3D進行管理:瀧澤 大祐
作画監督・原画:茶谷 与志雄
デジタル動画検査:宮坂 諒太
デジタル動画・仕上:宮坂 諒太、外山 幸一
カードイラスト:南 良介、江頭 鈴々、中島 由衣
撮影:新里 一磨、宮川 威、金 ボラ、湯 思彧、鄭 吉
作画進行:錦織 宝
進行管理:槇野厚一郎、大塚 未侑
アニメーションプロデューサー:森口 博史

エグゼクティブクリエイティブディレクター:山本 ジョン
クライアントスーパバイザー:江原 槙子

制作会社:TYO drive、株式会社白組、株式会社グラフィニカ
クライアント:Supercell Oy

Huawei Watch 2: Made for free spirits

Creative Direction

This video is created for the global launch of Huawei Watch 2. We, Mori Inc., made its strategy, the concept, the manifesto and the big idea, and also provided creative direction and art direction. It is directed by Greg Brunkalla and produced by Stink Studios.
Huawei Watch 2のグローバルブランディング用の映像。プロダクトの際立たせ方とファッショナブルでスポーティーな見え方の両立を目指しました。株式会社もりが、戦略から、コンセプト、マニフェスト、ビッグアイデア、クリエイティブディレクションまで一貫して手がけたグローバルキャンペーンです。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Daisuke Sasaki
Copywriter: Morihiro Harano, Scott Lehman
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana

Director: Greg Brunkalla
DOP: Tim Green
Motion Control: Tomi Keeling
Gaffer: Stephen Finberg
Production Designer: Tess Barlett
Wire Supervisor: Bob Schofield
VFX Supervisors: Josh King, Markus
Choreographer: Alex Poulter
Wardrobe: Jenny Svantesson
Makeup Artist: Natalie Piacun
Medic: Paul Mortimer
Stand in: Camilla Argent
Cast: Brandon Williams, Chris Bolingbroke, Fleur Randall, Emily Sayuri Yven

Client Creative Director: Stefani Lin Guanyu
Client Product Manager: Woody Lui Xiang
Client Campaign Manager: Leslie Wang Qin

Production Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Production Art Director: Thomas Pregiato
Producer: Cynthia Angel
Executive Producer: Belinda Reichle

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Company: Stink Studios
Client: Huawei

Hotel Japan

Concept / Creative Direction / Interior Design / Packaging Design / Curation

Hotel Japan is a truly unique hotel gift shop which sells curated souvenirs for creative travelers in Tokyo. Although the hotel currently exists only in Mori's imagination, he looks forward to working with hotel operators who share his vision and desire to make it a reality. When you will come to Tokyo, please visit his gift shop in Jingumae, Shibuya.
Hotel Japanは、架空のホテル。このお店はそのギフトショップという設定です。僕はホテルが大好きで、いつしかホテルのデザインやプロデュースをやってみたいのですが、そんなお金もないので、まずは“お土産屋さん”から始めました。東京を訪れる外国人に、素敵な日本の思い出を持ち帰ってもらうために。
Owner+Curator+CD: Morihiro Harano, Mori Inc.
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Copywriter: Haruko Tsutsui, Scott Lehman
Graphic Designer: Taiji Kimura, Daisuke Hatakeyama, Minami Otsuka, Hirono Matsunaga
Printing Director: Shinya Tamura
Interior Designer: Ayaka Yasuda, Motoyuki Murata
Web Designer: Yusuke Kitani, Yama
Photographer: Takaya Sakano, Junya Sato
Video Director: Takuya Demura
Music: Satoshi Yoshitake
Shop Manager: Yumi Masuda
Special thanks to Watarium Museum, Motoko Shimizu and Misato Tachibana

BeeTV: dVIDEO (Campaign)

Creative Direction

The 2013 brand campaign for "docomo d-Video powered by BeeTV" featuring Robert De Niro. The commercial was produced by Takuma Takasaki at Dentsu.
2013年の「ドコモdビデオ powered by BeeTV」のブランディング・キャンペーン。ロバート・デニーロをキャスティングしたTVCの制作は、電通の高崎卓馬氏。
CD: Morihiro Harano, Takuma Takasaki
AD: Koichiro Toda
C: Kana Koyama
Director: Gen Sekiguchi
P: Koji Wada, Yasushi Okuwa, Keiko Ono
Production: Spoon
AG: MORI + Dentsu
CL: Avex Broadcasting & Communications

BeeTV: dVIDEO (Advertising)

Creative Direction

The 2013 regular promotion ad for "docomo d-Video powered by BeeTV". The commercial was directed by Tetsuya Nakashima.
「ドコモdビデオ powered by BeeTV」のレギュラー・プロモーション(2013年度)。TVCの監督は、『告白』の中島哲也監督。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Art Director: Koichiro Toda
Writer: Kana Koyama
Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Photographer: Shoichi Ato
Lighting: Shin Takakura
Art Designer: Toshihiro Isomi
Stylist: Hiromi Shintani
Hair Make: Satoshi Yamazaki
Sound Operator: Junichi Shima
Location Coordinator: Toru Takahashi
Offline Editor: Yoshiyuki Koike
Online Editor: Yoshihumi Hashimoto
Sound Mixer: Tadao Tasai
Colorist: Shigeyuki Toriumi
Music: Toyohiko Kanehashi
Production Manager: Satoshi Miyata
Production Manager: Rie Gonda
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana
Producer: Mitsuru Yamamori
Cast: Anna Ishii, Nana Komatsu

Gr. Photographer: Orie Ichihashi
Gr. Production: J.C.SPARK

Client: NTTDocomo d-Video (BeeTV)
Creative Agency: Mori Inc. + Dentsu Inc.

EPOS: 100 Design Cards

Product Design / Creative Direction

In order to increase the usage frequency of "EPOS CARD", a Japanese medium-sized credit card brand, we presented a bold idea - change the product design. Based on the fact that there is no psychological connection between a user and a credit card, we added another feature to the membership process; choosing a favourite card out of 100 designs. With this, we have successfully created a personal psychological connection between the user and the service doubled the size of their credit card business.
中堅クレジットカードブランド「EPOS CARD」の利用頻度を向上させるため、プロダクトデザインを変更するという大胆なアイデアを提案。クレジットカードにはユーザーとの心理的な絆が存在しないことに注目し、入会プロセスに“100枚のデザインカードの中から一枚を選び出してもらう”という行為を追加。これにより、サービスに対する心理的なコミットメントを創出することに成功し、カードビジネスを約2倍に成長させた。
CD: Morihiro Harano
AD: Yusuke Kitani
C: Noriko Yamada
Curator: Koichi Watari, Kjetil Wold, Alex Freund
P: Koji Fujioka, Tetsuji Nose, Misato Tachibana
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Epos Card

Sony: make.believe Campaign (MAKE TV)

Strategy / Creative DIrection

Make TV was created as a part of the Sony “make.believe” brand campaign. It was the first of its kind “live interactive TV show” that allowed the audience to participate in creating a music video for Karmin on TV. When people downloaded the app “Dot Switch” to their smartphone, tablet, or PC, they were able to collectively turn on the machines inside the TV show. The TV footage was then turned into a music video, with a thank you list of all the participants’ names. As a result, more than 890,000 people watched it live, and over 7 million pushes were recorded during the show.
Make TVは"世界初のライブ・インタラクティブ・ミュージックビデオ" を制作するための視聴者参加型の生放送番組(TBS)。視聴者は事前に「DOT SWITCH」というアプリをスマートフォンやタブレットにダウンロードすることで、リアルタイムにTV番組に参加することができた。画面の指示にしたがって手元のアプリをプッシュすると、その合計数によって13個の仕掛けが次々と発動していく。出来上がったビデオのエンドロールには、参加した視聴者の名前を表示。出演者は、KARMIN。Sony “make.believe” / 「ものがたりをつくろう」キャンペーンの一環として実施された。
Creative Director + Technical Director: Masashi Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, Hiroki Nakamura, Naoki Ito, Morihiro Harano
Director: Masashi Kawamura, Hirofumi Tsukamoto

Cinematographer: Koji Harada
Lighting Director: Kiyoshi Nakagawa
Set Designer: Etsuko Akiba, magma, Toshiyuki Yashima
Technical Director: Daisuke Nakamura, Masami Onodera
Director/Digital Contents: Nobuo Hara
Art Director/Digital Contents: Yusuke Kitani, Sanako Ukon(KAIBUTSU)
Web Director: Takayuki Watanabe
Device: Seiichi Saito, Motoi Ishibashi, Hiroyuki Hori, Kanta Horio, Tatsuya Motoki
Flash developer: Hiroshi Sawatari, Hiroyuki Mikami(salvo)
Sound: Shojiro Nakaoka
Back-end System: Hironobu Oda, Seiki Nakayama (FISHGROVE)
Technical Manager/TV: Koji Hasegawa
Advertiser's Supervisor:Takayuki Akiyoshi, Jun Shimoyamada, Zen Tachikawa

Account Manager:Ray Konishi, Yosuke Mamiya, Jun Ogawa, Misato Shimizu, Ichiro Fujita, Yoshiharu Tanizawa
Producer: Satoshi Takahashi, Yoichiro Kakuta, Masanori Shimizu, Hideya Takita
Production Manager: Sachie Aihara, Maiko Shimada, Chiho Araki
Production Assistant: Yasuhisa Osawa, Yosuke Maguchi, Naoki Moriyama
Project Manager: Motoko Shimizu

Client: Sony
Creative Agency: PARTY
Media Agency: Dentsu
Production Company: Bascule, GOOMO, Taiyo Kikaku, Rhizomatiks, TBS

ToyToyota: Backseat Driver

Creative Direction

Backseat Driver is the first digital toy from ToyToyota. It's an iPhone app, which allows kids to enjoy driving from the backseat of the car. By using the iPhone's GPS function, the players are able to drive a virtual car, which moves along with the real car that they are driving. They can collect actual shops and landmarks, which are generated using the Foursquare API. The players can also accrue points, customize their car, and share their drive with friends via Twitter. The "Backseat Driver" offers the passenger a new way to enjoy driving.
未来のドライバーである子供たちに運転の楽しさを知ってもらうために「ToyToyota」という“おもちゃ”のブランドを発表。その第一弾として「Backseat Driver」をリリース。「BackseatDriver」は、クルマの後部座席に座る子供のためのドライブゲーム。乗っているクルマとGPSで同期している「パパカー」を追いかける「マイカー」を左右に操作することで、運転席に座るお父さん/お母さんと一緒に運転する喜びを体験することができる。FoursquareのAPIを使用することで、ゲームの中には実際のお店やランドマークが「アイテム」として登場、それを集めることでポイントを稼ぎ、マイカーを「カスタマイズ」することができる。自分のドライブの記録は自動的に記録され、SNSを通じてシェアすることができる。
Creative Director + Technical Director + Art Director: PARTY (Naoki Ito, Morihiro Harano, Qanta Shimizu, Hiroki Nakamura, Masashi Kawamura)
Designer: Takayuki Sugihara (roughark) + PARTY
Programmer: Nao Tokui (Qosmo) + PARTY
Pictgram Designer: Rie Fujinaka(noppo)
3D Designer: Yoshiyuki Odajima
Producer: PARTY+Seiichi Saito(rhizomatiks)
Sound Design: Tomoko Kataoka(Manual of Errors Artists)+Yu Yamaguchi(Manual of Errors Artists)
Movie Production: Engine Plus
Creative Agency: PARTY

au: WALL

Strategy / Creative Direction

The platform was created for "Brand Graden", a fashion e-commerce website by au, a Japanese mobile phone carrier. This is a platform to transform buyers into sellers. By registering on WALL, the users become the owner of the boutiques. They can display their choices of fashion and interior items in their virtual wall, and can share their own shops via SNS, like Facebook with their friends. A small percentage of the revenue will be passed on to the owner. This is a new type of affiliate system.
Creative Director/Technical Director: PARTY (Naoki Ito, Morihiro Harano, Qanta Shimizu, Hiroki Nakamura, Masashi Kawamura)
Art Director/Designer: Masanori Sakamoto (DELTRO)
Technical Director: Tomoyuki Tada (TYO-ID)
Web Director: Jyun Mitomo (TYO-ID)
Project Manager: Kanako Nakagawa(TYO-ID)
Programmer: Appirits, Ken Murayama (DELTRO)
Producer: Taku Ito (TYO-ID)

Creative Director: Naoki Ito, Hiroki Nakamura
Technical Director: Daisuke Nakamura, Tomoyuki Tada (TYO-ID)
Web Director: Jun Mitomo (TYO-ID)
Designer: Chihiro Konno, Yuko Odanaka (TYO-ID)
Project Manager: Rumiko Nango, Kanako Nakagawa(TYO-ID)
Programmer: Satoshi Tamura(cross chop), Yuzo Sakai (cross chop)
Producer: Taku Ito (TYO-ID)

Honda Green Machine

Creative Direction

This was an integrated brand campaign for Honda's new hybrid car lineup, which was introduced to counter the national leading brand PRIUS, which goes 10 years ahead of the market. The unique technology made "competitive price" and "full-lineup strategy" possible and we named the lineup as "Honda Green Machine". Toyota established its image as the "inventor" of the hybrid, therefore our strategy was to position Honda as the "democrat" and successfully executed the debut campaign for the first Honda Green Machine, Insight. The launch had a substantial impact on the industry and Toyota even announced to reduce the price of PRIUS just after the campaign.
10年先行する国民的ブランド・プリウスに対抗するべく登場した、Hondaのハイブリッドカー・シリーズの統合キャンペーン。独自技術により「低価格」と「フルラインアップ戦略」を可能にしたHondaのハイブリッドカー・シリーズを、「Honda Green Machine」として集合的に訴求していくことを提案。ハイブリッドの「発明者」として認知されているToyotaに対して、ハイブリッドを「民主化」する存在としてHondaをポジショニングし、Honda Green Machine 1号・インサイトのローンチキャンペーンを成功させた。このキャンペーンの後にToyotaはプリウスの価格改定(値下げ)を発表するなど、産業全体の方向に大きな影響を与えた。
CD: Morihiro Harano, Hirozumi Takakusaki
C: Kinya Okamoto, Morihiro Harano
AD: Koichiro Toda
P: Koji Fujioka, Tetsuji Nose
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Honda

Honda: Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Creative Direction

Creative direction for the Tokyo Motor Show Honda Booth in 2009. Unlike an usual booth, the vehicle was surrounded by a wall and was not visible from outside. The philosophy behind the product development was written on the wall surrounding the vehicle, both in English and Japanese. The booth was designed not only to display the product itself but also to showcase and communicate the philosophy and context behind the product.
CD: Morihiro Harano, Hirozumi Takakusaki
C: Kinya Okamoto, Morihiro Harano
AD: Koichiro Toda
P: Koji Fujioka, Tetsuji Nose
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Honda

Candy Restaurant

Creative Direction

Candy Restaurant is a pop-up restaurant created for the opening campaign of Yurakucho Marui department store. The restaurant serves full course menu completely made with candies. This unique space was designed in collaboration with an artist, Martí Guixé.
有楽町マルイのオープニングのために作られた、PR用のポップアップ・レストラン。フルコースのメニューがすべてキャンディーでできている、という不思議な空間。アーティスト・Marti Guixe氏とのコラボレーションによる作品。
CD: Morihiro Harano
AD: Marti Guixe
C: Hidetoshi Kuranari, Noriko Yamada, Jun Nishida
P: Osamu Enari, Ryuji Ueno, Koji Fujioka
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Yurakucho Marui

Ruo and Ruco

Creative Direction

A teaser ”flash" website created for the grand opening campaign for Shinjuku Marui department store. Set in a mega-city Shinjuku, the narrative tells a story of a boy meets a girl, in a world 1cm above the ground. The story was written by Takashi Yamamoto, the copywriter.
CD: Morihiro Harano
C: Takashi Yamamoto
AD: Yusuke Kitani
Flash: Yama
P: Koji Fujioka, Toshifumi Oiso
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Shinjuku Marui

Yurakucho Marui: Fashion Therapy

Creative Direction

The opening campaign for Yurakucho Marui department store. The concept was "Fashion Thearpy" and the teaser campaign was executed with a "capsule" icon. We installed "capsule" vending machines on the street, opening the "Candy Restaurant", and projected gigantic animation on an exterior wall of the store. The campaign turned Yurakucho area into a big toy box and attracted a lot of media coverage. After the opening, we've worked on a section of the store space and also the shopping bag design.
有楽町マルイのオープニングキャンペーン。Fashion Therapyをコンセプトに、カプセルをアイコンにしたティザーキャンペーンでは、街角に「カプセル自動販売機」を設置したり、近くに「キャンディレストラン」をオープンさせたり、有楽町マルイの壁面全体に大プロジェクションを行ったりなど、街を“おもちゃ箱”に変えたような立体的な展開が大きな話題となった。オープニング後は、店内内装の一部やショッピングバッグのデザインなども担当。
CD: Morihiro Harano, Alex Freund
AD: Eric Hoffman, Yusuke Kitani
C: Noriko Yamada, Hiroyo Kanehako, Hidetoshi Kuranari
Motion Graphics: Jun Nishida, Imaginary Forces
Fashion Director: Lisa Mosko
P: Osamu Enari, Ryuji Ueno, Koji Fujioka
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Yurakucho Marui

Marui: Power of Fashion

Creative Direction

The brand advertisement for Marui, a Japanese fashion department store. A gigantic advertisement covering the exterior wall of Marui building. The graphic was switched every month and so it changed the entire visual scenery of the town. The impact was clearly visible. Since then, the neighbouring department stores have inquired about the creatives behind the advertisement.
CD: Morihiro Harano, Alex Freund
C: Takashi Yamamoto
AD: Yusuke Kitani
Fashion Director: Lisa Mosko
P: Koji Fujioka
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Marui

Licca World Tour

Product Design / Creative Direction

The 40th anniversary campaign for "Licca", the Japanese Barbie doll. In the world of "Licca", women have long been considered as "good wives and wise mothers", which is a norm that people valued 40 years ago. In order for the brand to fit into a new generation, we created a story named, "Licca World Tour". The story was told via Licca's personal blog updated in real time as she visited new cites. A new product line-up was released coinciding with her journey, such as a limited edition Licca doll wearing fashion items based on the location. The campaign worked well, along with developing products and the store fronts (we supervised the product design). The entire journey of 11 cites in 9 countries was then edited into a photo journal which was published from Shogakukan at the end of the campaign.
CD: Morihiro Harano
AD: Tatsuya Hamajima
C: Noriko Yamada, Miyoko Yamashita
Photographer: Kenji Hibi
P: Osamu Enari, Koji Fujioka
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Takara Tomy

Nichirei Acerola: From the country of passion

Product Design / Creative Direction

A campaign aimed at the brand revitalization of Nichirei Acerola drink. In order to rejuvenate the brand and the customer base, we chose young women as our main target. Under our integrated creative direction, the brand was reformed from the package design to the communication strategy.
CD: Morihiro Harano, Alex Freund
AD: Kazuko Marubashi, Eric Hoffman
C: Noriko Yamada, Hidetoshi Kuranari, Jun Nishida
Photographer: Alex Freund
P: Koji Fujioka
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Nichirei

Dentsu: Good Innovation.

Strategy / Copywriting

The corporate slogan for Dentsu. I have left Dentsu but the slogan is still there.
CD: Kotaro Sugiyama
C: Morihiro Harano, Takuya Isojima
AD: Koichiro Toda
AG: Drill + Dentsu
CL: Dentsu


Creative Direction

"TOMODACHI" is a project founded by the Embassy of the United States in Tokyo, to support Japan in re-establishing from the 3.11 earthquake. The offer came directly from the Ambassador John Victor Roos, to create the visual identity for the project.
TOMODACHIプロジェクトは、アメリカ合衆国政府による東日本大震災の復興プロジェクト。在日米国大使のJohn Victor Roos氏から、直接PARTYにご依頼をいただき、無償にて制作。
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano, Masashi Kawamura
Art Director: Masashi Kawamura
Designer: Miho Ishizuka
Agency: PARTY
Client: US Embassy